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How it works

Step 1: Customizing your Design

Template websites are notoriously difficult to work with.  The reality is that no template is a perfect match.  With this in mind Clickspace has designed our service to accomodate customization and improvements to the website to ensure that it represents our clients unique brand. The process begins by allowing our clients to customize their main navigation with sections such as:

  • Menus
  • Daily Specials or Features
  • Promotions & Events
  • Reservations
  • Group Bookings
  • Instagram photo gallery
  • Careers
  • News 

In addition to the main navigation, clients are also able to make 5 free layout changes to the inside pages.  This includes adding or removing sections,  reconfiguring columns and adding modules such as live social media feeds. If this is not enough, additional design changes are available on an hourly basis.

Step 2: Loading your website content

Once your website has been customized a Clickspace representative will add your website content. This includes, photos, menus, events and job openings. A list of the content required to complete your website is available on the details page of each of the design themes. At this stage we also configure your site to post content to our 3rd party website partners and connect social media feeds such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Step 3: Go live

Your website will be hosted on the Clickspace website infrastructure. Therefore, we must reconfigure your website domain name to point to our website servers. Once this is completed your website will be live.

Step 4: Training

Clickspace provides a 30 minute training session to walk you through how to edit the content on your website and use our email marketing module ClickspaceMail.

Step 5: Billing

Your credit card will be charged the $600 set up fee at the time of purchase.  When your website goes live your credit card will begin to be charged the $250 monthly service fee. You have the option to terminate the service at any time with 30 days notice. Your monthly service fee includes 1,000 contacts and unlimited sends with our email marketing module ClickspaceMail. For additional contacts you will be billed monthly based on our published email marketing rates. Click here to view more information on the ClickspaceMail features or the complete ClickspaceMail pricing matrix.


Restaurant Website Pricing


  • Main Navigation
  • Content Layout Changes
  • 5 free changes
  • Load Menu
  • Load Events
  • Load Images

Website Features

  • Menu Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Job Opportunities
  • Reservation Manager
  • with satisfaction survey
  • Photo Gallery
  • with Instagram Integration

Promotion Engine

  • Events posted to partner sites
  • Jobs posted to partner sites
  • Menu posted to partner sites

Email Marketing

  • Number of contacts
  • up to 1,000
  • Number of message sent per month
  • unlimited
  • Hospitality email templates