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Clickspace makes it easy for your location to add and maintain menus.  Whether you have season menus, drink menus or todays specials, our system has the flexibility to meet your needs.  We offer many features such as:

  • Add individual photos or photos for a particular section
  • Menu items can include add-ons with unique pricing
  • Mark special dietary features such as gluten free, low fat, low in salt, ocean size etc.
  • Design your menu with a variety of layouts
  • Post your menu to our web partners like Yelp, Foursquare, YP, TripAdvisor, OpenTable and CitySearch, which are viewed by millions of people every day.




Events can range from a Mother’s Day promotion to a live act and Clickspace makes it easy for you to quickly add the vent to your website and then promote that event through email, on the Clickspace TV system in your location and by posting your event to popular entertainment website in your market.

  • Enter a variety of event types
  • Upload event posters
  • Create Re-occuring and one-time events
  • Display events as a calendar, list or poster view
  • Post your event to our web partners like Yelp, Foursquare, Fast Forward Magazine and Club Zone




Restaurants get thousands of reservations a year and these reservations offer a precious opportunity to connect with our customers in a unique way.  The Clickspace Hospitality Website Package takes reservations to the next level with features such as:

  • Easy to manage blackout periods. (including day-of-request restrictions)
  • Reservation reports to identify promotion opportunities
  • Opt-in check box that connects with integrated email marketing package
  • Open Table integration



Individuals that organize group bookings are often the social networks and can be a major influence in selecting a social gather point.  For this reason the Clickspace system offers unique features such as reminders notifications and satisfaction surveys to closely monitor the success of group bookings and encourage a return visit.

  • Integrated contact management system
  • Automatic customer email notification when the reservations is confirm
  • Customer reminder email notifications
  • Customer satisfactions surveys after the event



Clickspace hospitality websites employ a creative way of linking website photo galleries with authorized Instagram accounts and categorized by hashtags.  These photos capture the atmosphere of you location and encourage social sharing. You can also upload standard photos which can be cropped and resized online.



Online feedback forms and customer satisfaction surveys is the first step in building positive reviews.  Your website must make it easy to provide feedback directly to ownership instead of in a more public forum.  The Clickspace website are design to encourage feedback by automatically sending satisfaction survey to guest that the website reservation system.  All responses that rate your location with 4 stars or better is automatically sent to the location manager.  These can optionally be published to your website.



  • Online application form can collect basic information for more personal information such as social media accounts to assist with the screening process.
  • Resume upload features
  • Notify different people based on the position.
  • Flag which contact have been approached and rate them.
  • View reports on the number and source of applications.
  • Your job opportunities are posted to our web partners like Kijiji.ca, AllStarJobs.ca, WorkDirectory.ca, jobpostings.ca and canadajobs.com



Email marketing can be the lowest cost form of advertising.  Your website will integrate with our email marketing product, ClickspaceMail.  This is a robust email marketing solution tailor for the hospitality market with email templates for events, invitations and promotions. 


Click here to learn more about ClickspaceMail, our Canadian Hosted Email Marketing Service.