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Study after study has showed that email marketing continues to deliver exceptional returns at a relatively low cost.
The challenge is finding the time to develop the strategy, the content and the designs necessary to produce an
effective email campaign. Clickspace offers a Canadian Email Marketing service with the ideal mix of strategy,
flexible pricing, easy to use templates and content creation services. Finally, there is a local solution that will
allow you to execute an email marketing campaign that will get results.


Clickspace offers several different ways to create your email messages. You can capture a website, copy and paste your HTML or choose from a variety of templates, then use the “drag and drop” editor to make changes.

Personalization and Dynamic Content

Basic personalization is a standard practice but with Clickspace you can also design your messages to load different content based on the contact profile. If your subscriber is a man, they can see the featured product appropriate for a man, if they are under 18, they can see a different product. Dynamic content can dramatically improve click through performance.


Take your email marketing to the next level with campaign automation. Marketers can schedule a string of messages that may or may not be sent depending on the contacts interactions with the previous email. Now you can deliver relevant content at the right time.

* Clickspace also offers advanced workflow automation. Contact to request pricing.

Mobile-friendly email templates

Our emails employ the latest responsive design coding techniques so that the content in your message will reformat to allow for optimal viewing in desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

Integrated online-surveys

Email is often used as a method to gather new information.  With the integrated survey module you can leverage your contact database to gather market intelligence, facilitate complex requests for quotes, even advanced product configuration information.

* The survey module pricing is based on volume.  Please contact to request pricing.

Social Media Integration

Enhance your email messages with social sharing links that can be easily added to your emails.


Dynamic List Segmentation

Flexible subscriber profiles allow you to create dynamic lists based on rules.  For example, you can configure a list to included all the contacts between the age of 18 and 35.  Any new subscribers that meet the segmentation criteria are automatically included in the mailing list.

A/B Testing

Email marketers looking to optimized their results often leverage A/B testing to send two different emails to the same audience and evaluate their performance.  With our A/B testing function you can continually improve results by evaluating elements such as subject lines, design or content.


Maintaining high deliverability rates begins by working with our customers to maintain an anti-spam culture.  To assist in this, the software provides monitoring tools to keep track of the sender reputation as well as provide advice on how to improve delivery rates. We offer best in class strategies to transition customers with implied consent to customers with expressed consent.  This, along with "send side" partnerships with email intelligence services help to ensure successful delivery of your emails.


Email analytics can be over whelming but with Clickspace you can view your statistics with simple graphs and performance gauges.  You can drill down to individual recipients or view overall performance of statistics such as:

  • delivery results
  • open rates (by time of day)
  • click-through activity
  • subscribe and unsubscribe
  • performance by device
  • performance by domain (eg.

You can compare your results to similar types of messages or to other communications in your industry sector.  These results can then be exported to excel for broader analysis.

Subscription Managment

Online Subscribers

Clickspace will integrate our subscription features into your website and other online touch points.  Each subscription page can be customized to collect profile information used to facilitate list segmentation and automatic response campaigns. Clients have the option to customize their subscription process to allow for a double opt-in process with email verified subscription or a single opt-in process with email notification.

Importing Contacts

Many companies have implied permission to send commercial emails due to their standard business transactions.  These customers can be added to the Clickspace database and classified by source to allow customers to maintain the necessary records on how they were given implied consent. Future email marketing messages can be structured to establish expressed consent.

Unsubscribe Management

Clickspace complies with the Canada Anti-Spam Legislation concerning commercial email communication.  We offer several ways to structure the unsubscribe process from a basic 'automatic unsubscribe' to a more advanced profile update.

Compliance with Canada’s Anti-Spam legislation (CASL)

On July 1st, 2014 Canada’s anti-spam legislation came into effect. The new legislation generally prohibits the sending of commercial electronic messages (CEMs) without the recipient’s consent. This resulted in a large umber of companies sending permission request emails prior to July 1, 2014,  many of our clients included. The results were often disastrous as most users chose not to response and subsequently our clients email database were cut by 90%.

The Clickspace Mail system employs a different technique to collect expressed consent that involves a more passive and integrated approach.  This new approach has resulted in confirmation rates in the 80% range. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us at and we’d be happy to walk you through our permission request strategy.