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Campaign Services

Study after study has showed that email marketing continues to deliver exceptional returns at a relatively low cost.
The challenge is finding the time to develop the strategy, the content and the designs necessary to produce an
effective email campaign. Clickspace offers a Canadian Email Marketing service with the ideal mix of strategy,
flexible pricing, easy to use templates and content creation services. Finally, there is a local solution that will
allow you to execute an email marketing campaign that will get results.

Campaign Services

Custom Email Messaging Services

Clickspace support services can design and send the following types of marketing messages on an one-off basis.  
The service includes two design revisions as well as list configuration and sending.

  • Newsletter: $480
  • Invitations: $160
  • Live Event Promotions: $160
  • Special Occasion Promotions: $190
  • Holiday Specials: $160


6 Month Service Packages

This is a set-it and forget-it package where Clickspace will take responsibility for sending out regular monthly communications to your subscribers.

Monthy Newsletter package: $450 / mo.

Clickspace will design and send a monthly newsletter that include 2 unique articles that will also be published to your website blog as well as other website properties to grow the number of inbound links to your website.

Restaurant Promotion Package: $120 / mo.

Clickspace will contact you on a monthly basis to discuss which promotion should be sent to your mailing lists.  We will then design and send a promotional message suitable to the event.