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Maverick Casual

Maverick Casual




The Maverick theme offers a blend of event and food promotions.  The Clickspace's powers backend system you can easy editing of your daily special right from your mobile phone which updates your home page and if you wish the Clickspace TV screens in your location.  The theme comes with the Clickspace Reservation Management system promoted at the bottom of every paage.  Not only with this form collect reservation information it will also send a satisfaction survey out the following day.  Positive feedback from the satisfaction survey can be used to build positive reviews in other local search sites.


  • Events Management
  • Menu Management
  • Reservation management (optional Open Table integration)
  • Instagram photo gallery
  • Email Marketing Integration
  • Automatic posting to 3rd party website 

Content Required

1- Company Logo

1 - Main Banner image

3 - Interior location photos (min 1200 x 1200)

1 - Exterior location photos (min 1200 x 1200)

1 - Complete list of menu items (photos optional)

All - Daily Specials

2 - Upcoming events (descriptions, dates and images or posters)

1 - Description of the Business for the about page

1- Hours of operations


Social Medial Accounts

1 - Instagram account login details

1 - Twitter account login details

1 - Link to facebook Page

1 - Link to YouTube Page

1 - Open Table account details (optional)