Software Sales Development Representative | Clickspace Interactive

Software Sales Development Representative

Clickspace develops innovative software solutions for the hospitality category. You can see our products such as Clickspace TV in any Canadian Brewhouse or Shark Club throughout Canada. We are currently developing disruptive Social Media App that will leverage AI and compete with HootSuite.

A Clickspace SDR is responsible for arranging demos of Clickspace TV with bars, restaurants, and pubs in Canada and the US. The successful candidate will be part of the Clickspace Sales team with the opportunity to grow into an Account Executive role. They will be trained on the latest techniques in outbound sales development. Responsibilities include:

  • Identify and add prospective customers to the CRM
  • Profile target accounts and establish a fit
  • Follow the Clickspace sales activity waterfall to contact target accounts with specific benefits of our solutions
  • Qualify target accounts that have expressed an interest
  • Schedule product demos with Account Executives

Ideal candidates have the following:

  • Experience . Some sales experience is nice but we are more focused on organizational skills. Having worked in a bar, restaurant or pub will be helpful.
  • Are looking to develop a career in sales. This is an entry level sales position. The SDR position is part of an overall outbound sales strategy. Our sales techniques are the same ones used by leading software companies such as,
  • Able to work from home. Clickspace is a virtual company that works extensively with online collaboration tools. So you can work from Anywhere as long as you have good internet access, a cell phone, and a decent computer. You will need a quiet work area where you won't be distracted. We use VOIP telephones and web video conference systems to engage with our prospective customers. We keep regular office hours and interact online very frequently.
  • Outgoing and Creative. You must be able to communicate clearly, and with confidence. There is some cold calling to gather information but our sales philosophy DOESN'T believe in mass cold calling. You must be creative and able to find ways to connect with prospective customers in fun ways. We believe passionately in the value of our products and don't want to waste our time on prospects that are not a good fit.
  • Enjoy technology. We are a tech company. We develop innovating new internet based software products. We are always leveraging internet technologies to streamline our business. You will need to be comfortable with computers and the internet as you'll be using video conferencing, CRM software, Google apps, and social media constantly.
  • Organized Team Player. This is not a lone wolf position. The SDR role is an integral part of the whole company. If you like to work in a cluttered environment you won't do well in this position. A mild level of OCD is helpful because you can't be effective if you don't maintain good records on your customer engagements. Your feedback on specific features and understand our customer's needs and concerns are critically important to our development team. You'll need to be able to communicate their feedback objectively.